Waterfront Internet Trading or WIN Trading® is a powerfull internet-based straight thru online stock trading software that provides fast speed full spectrum of stock trading. it allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of their stock trading and investment. It is great solution for your stock trading.

Straight thru processing can save your time, increase accuracy and control what happens to your investment. WIN Trading® is easy to use, convenience and confidential.

WIN Trading® will automate your buy-sell stock order as well as monitor your portfolio. It will automate your investment quickly and easly and create repots for your need instantly in a snap. It provides realtime Indonesia Stock Exchange equity trading information, including running trade, order books, top gainers, most active brokers, capital market news, advance charting and many more.

WIN Trading® is developed by Waterfront IT Department, who strives to equip it with more and more features and comprehensive pre-processed information hence make it an ideal companion for customers using WIN Trading® in day-to-day trades.

Thinking online stock trading? Think WIN Trading®!


You can also download the Guide Book here


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