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Introduction To Capital Market

Capital Market is the market in which long term financial instruments, such as bonds, equities, mutual funds and derivative instruments, are traded. Capital Market serves as an alternative for a company’s capital resources and public investment. It also facilitates the infrastructures needed for the… Read More

Trading Mechanism

Before making transaction, the investor must become a customer of one security company or brokerage office. There are about 120 securities companies listed as the Exchange Members in the Jakarta Stock Exchange. The opening document of the account encompasses complete customer?s identity (including investment… Read More

Stock Market Indices

Stock price index is an indicator that shows the movement of the stock prices. Index is used as an indicator of market trend; it means that index movement describes market condition at one moment, whether it is active or dull. Through the index, we… Read More

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is an investment alternative for investors, especially for small investors and those who have less time and skill to count the risks of their investments. Mutual Fund is designed as tool to gather fund from public that have the capital, will to… Read More

Go Public

Companies have many alternatives of financing source, internal or external. Alternative internal financing generally comes from the retained earning, while external financing can come from creditors in form of debt, other forms of funding or by issuing debenture papers, and even financing by participating… Read More


Stock listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange is classified into 2 listing boards: Main Board and Development Board. The placement of the Issuer and prospective Issuer?s Listing depends on the fulfillment of the initial listing requirements on each Board. Main Board is intended for… Read More


Stock (Share) is one of the most popular securities available. If a company wants to raise capital, one of its options is to issue stock. Stock also offers interesting return rate for its investors. That is why most investors choose stock for their investment.… Read More


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